The Heart Of Man: Either a Temple of God, or a Habitation of Satan Kindle Edition


Since the year 1732 till 1842, the taste of man has undergone a change — but not the Truth — this remains eternally unchangeable — and I live in the sure hope, that the spirit of the times will not consider such a work with pleasure, and surely not with mildness, but with extreme displeasure and unkindness. For this work represents the author of sin and spiritual slavery — the Devil — as also the author of life and the liberty of the children of God — Christ in us — in a very plain manner; and the spirit of the times laughs at Satan, as if he were not; the spirit of the times believes not in Christ, nor on the redemption through Him, as taught us in the holy scriptures. But since we know that on this very account, this spirit of the times is not of God, but of the Devil, we therefore do not trouble ourselves so anxiously, whether this treatise be acceptable for him or not. We abide with Christ and the doctrines of the Apostles, and find them still so excellent, so sanctifying and so beautifying, that we would part with them for no opinion of the times whatever.

Christ and his Apostles expressly taught — As God has his kingdom in the faithful and pious, by living in them as in his temple, by reigning with in them, reviving, purifying, sanctifying, making them happy and filling them with divine power, with heavenly peace, and eternal life; thus also Satan holds dominion in the wicked, the unbelieving and ungodly: He, the evil Spirit, worketh evil within them, dwelleth in them, and maketh them wretched and unhappy.

Christ taught: **The enemy that sowed tares among the wheat, while men slept, is the devil’
(Matth. 13, V. 25, 39.) The tares are here, we cannot overlook them; who will deny the sower, that soweth the tares? Thus would we only make it more easy for this artful enemy, to scatter his tares.


All of these biblical and christian truths, at all times believed by the holy church, are represented in this little book by various emblems and figures, explained and applied, in order to deter the ungodly from sin and the slavery of Satan, and confirm the pious in faith and godliness.

In every plate appears a heart with a human face. From the state of the heart, which is the seat and the habitation of good and evil, the whole man must be judged ; the face is as it were the sign, which the inner man hangs forth, by which you may know of what spirit he is. — Look then, my dear reader, at every picture in thine own heart, examine thy inmost soul, to ascertain in what condition thou art, whether Christ or Satan reigns within thee, whether thou be a slave to sin and Satan, or a free and happy child of God. — Let it be a serious examination of thyself, pass not lightly over it; be honest to confess to thy own heart, and to God, and with sincerity to acknowledge what, and how thou art found within thee. — Thou standeth in the presence of God, who searcheth the heart and reigns, who seeth and knoweth all things, and from whom nothing within thee is concealed. Doest thou bring to light some evil within thee? repent of it and despair not, acknowledge it with an upright heart and turn unto Christ. He is thy Saviour also, likewise for thee has he come into the world, for thy salvation is he also present to destroy the works of the devil, to deliver, to snatch thee from the power of Satan, and transplant thee into his kingdom, (Col. 1, 13.) — To thee also can he impart the power and strength that thou mayest no longer be a suhject of Satan, nor be a slave of sin. He can make thee free, and if he made thee free, thou art free indeed. — [John 8, 36.]



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