Let’s Celebrate Advent Every Day!: Through Practicing God’s Presence! Kindle Edition



Advent is the time when we experience the co-mingling of the glory and hope of the birth of Jesus, along with the solemn foretaste of His death on the cross, and also the joy and anticipation of His second coming. As some Advent liturgies put it, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!” Advent marks our anxious desire for complete intimacy with Christ. Christians should experience that Advent feeling every single day of the year, as we yearn for intimacy and transformation through the Spirit. A glorious mingling of sorrow and wonder and hope and joy as we feel the mercy and grace of God.
So we need to contemplate the true meaning of Advent. We should learn to live Advent everyday through learning to leave aside, daily, all the bustle of the commercial world, and find a simple and age old truth. We come to Christ not through riches, but through poverty and humility, in our worthlessness. Not by parading through the rooms of a rich and sumptuous palace to greet a powerful king, but by kneeling in the dust and dirt of a humble stable, by an animal trough in which lies a helpless baby.
The presence of God is not something outside us, something we only find in church, or when we are consciously thinking about God. God is within us and around us at all times. We need to practise the recognition of the presence of God, we need to strip away the world, and the place that is left is where we will recognise God and Christ in us. We need to learn self-discipline, and patience.
In an era where time is a rare commodity, this small book will challenge you and encourage you enough to start your discipline of practicing the presence of God. A relationship where we acquire the ability to turn our thoughts automatically and instinctively toward God. In short, practicing the presence of God, is a contemplative life where our will is turned over to Him as well as our mind, heart and spirit completely turned over to the lover of our soul.
You have twenty-five days of meditations and prayers along with short prayers that you can use while taking a walk, driving, doing chores around the house, during business hours when you are at work, etc… Advent is a time of hope and expectancy. A time where God’s love has changed our lives forever and as Christians, every day should be lived purposely with hope in our Redeemer, and in expectancy and the love of God. So, while the theme of this book is about Advent, the meditations and prayers can be practiced 365 days a year. They are the same prayers that I used in my own life to learn the practice of the presence of God.




Most devotional books today, are devoted to the practice of the Christian walk on
what is seen as the outer manifestations of the Christian life than with its inner
experiences. We make it more about what men’s can see and not enough about the
life spent alone with God, in the closet of the mind and the heart.
Books of this class are truly invaluable and help a great deal, to move Christians from
point A to point B and to some extend, give them a better understanding of how it all
works. But, along with these, there may be some room for books that deals with the
Christian life behind the scene. The life that we need to crave for and pursuit, which
deals with the inner soul-experiences and revitalize the outer life.
This easy to read and small volume is meant to be a helper for those who crave for a
deeper experience with God. Those who would like to practice His presence, but do
not have the time, nor would they know where to start. It is a book about practicing
the secret fellowship with God where one learn to abide while turning one mind and
soul to Him to do what is best for us. It is about learning to help our mind acquire the
habit of practicing prolonged and frequent time of interactions through prayer and
If this book helps even one person to realize the joy of what it means to spend time in
the secret place with the Father while learning to engage His heart; then it would have
fulfilled its purpose.
We have been living and believing way too long our own hypes about Christ being
more concerned about quantity than quality. If that was the case He would have
healed everyone that traveled His path. The crowd that followed Him would have all
been ‘Christian’ and God would have been quite content with the shoddy answer the
Israelites were willing to offer to Him in the wilderness and after they reached Canaan.
I am sharing with you my own way that I used in my life when I was tired of living a
powerless life with no victory in Christ, except in words. By the grace of God, I sensed
there was more to Christianity and God was inviting me to join Him in the greatest
adventure of my life with Him. Without guidance from anyone else with real
knowledge of the road less traveled. With my lack of understanding and knowledge of
true Christianity, a heart filled with ignorance, a weary and helpless soul along with the
tiniest faith ever, I said yes to the invitation. The rest is history.
In my ignorance, my soul felt like it needed a saviour even though I was already a
Christian. Later on, I found out what I needed was His Lordship to Lord over my life.
God is like the parent who encourages their toddler to take the first step to learn to
walk. Like our parents, God’s hand is right under our tiny hands to catch us so we do
not fall on our back. Go! Trust Him to lead the process! COME JUST AS YOU ARE!
Bible Verse: James 4:8 “Come near to God and he will come near to you.”
Out of all the promises of God we love to take for ourselves, this is by far the best
promise that swings the door open wide to give us access to all the other promises of

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